Ellendale Country Club members and member guests can take advantage of the use of Ellendale's two rubico courts (clay courts) and two hard-surface courts. Ellendale is the only golf club in the area to offer rubico courts.

Tennis Court Rules

  1. The tennis courts are available for play as follows: Daily from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  2. Before going on court, all players and guests must be signed up on the register. Failure to sign the proper register will cause all players in the group to lose any priority on the court. During normal business hours, each member and guest needs to sign up in the business office. There is an after hours sign up sheet at the tennis courts.
  3. All players must wear suitable tennis attire, including proper tennis court shoes, especially on the rubico courts.
  4. All guests must be signed up on the register before entering the court area. Guests are not permitted to play unless accompanied by a sponsoring member. Guest fees are $15.00.
  5. No person may play as a guest at the Club more than ten times in any one calendar year, regardless of the number of sponsoring members.
  6. If members are waiting for a court please limit play to one hour.
  7. No tennis lessons may be conducted on any court except those conducted by a Club approved teaching professional. Exceptions being an immediate family member.
  8. No more than two courts shall be designated as "teaching courts" at the same time. Tennis lessons shall pre-empt all other play on courts. Club approved teaching professionals must reserve courts at least one week in advance.
  9. Priority Rules: When priority rules are in effect (after 5:00 PM Monday-Friday) adults have priority on the courts. Juniors must vacate court upon adult request.
  10. Players are to clean their court prior to leaving the court area. Please put trash in the trash caddy.
  11. Courts are not to be used when wet, frozen or under repair. Please check with the maintenance department (851-1376) prior to commencing play on courts in such condition.
  12. Smoking or chewing tobacco is not allowed on the courts.

Ellendale Tennis Courts

  • Open daily 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Two rubico (clay) courts
  • Two hard-surface courts
  • (985) 876-4392

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Rules and Policies

Violation of these rules may result in a fine. Fines are to be determined by the Ellendale Board of Governors. Unpaid fines may result in loss of playing privileges.

These rules are for the mutual benefit of all members and guests. Members are encouraged to assist in enforcing these rules and to report violations to a club manager or board member.

Suggestions, questions, comments, requests, complaints, etc., may be directed to a club manager.